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Family Law. Goals. Experience. Peace of Mind.

Lexington, NC Office

At Penry Terry & Mitchell LLP, over thirty-five years experience enables us to recognize and address the needs of local individuals with a personalized approach.

Our Goal
Using your funds wisely and efficiently to help you avoid unnecessary conflict and resolve your legal issues in a reasonable time is our goal. In many instances, creative problem solving approaches help us avoid the need for expensive litigation.Our personalized and practical approach creates solutions for complex situations. Experience: With over thirty-five years experience, we are adept at recognizing and addressing the needs of local individuals as they face divorce and other domestic issues when so much is at stake. Unlike many firms, we do not use predetermined fees. Instead, experience with thousands of cases over the past three decades means we can honestly and candidly evaluate your case, the costs involved and be realistic with regard to expectations.


Peace of Mind
We believe that each client's case is unique and this approach results in your expending only those funds necessary to achieve a practical resolution. Let us work diligently advocating for your interests so that you may focus on the most important things - your life, your family, and transitioning into the next stage of your future.

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